About Us – Licensed Student Housing Rental in Waterloo ontario


From 1982 to 2011 this company operated as a Sole proprietorship, We started with 2 residential properties and added a series of detached, Semi detached, Town houses, Condo Apartments and furnished student housing. During this period, we accumulated 25 rental units in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Toronto, and Scarborough areas of Ontario. During the 23years that followed we sold the properties in Toronto and Scarborough and invested in student housing in Waterloo Ont. In May 2011 the investments were incorporated as King Street Properties Inc.



Our portfolio has grown considerably. We are constantly modifying and upgrading to be ahead of the potential changes in the student population. We have a high satisfaction and a low turn over rate. Our students stay an average of 3 years or until graduation. We are proud to provide good rental accommodation both furnished and unfurnished to the future leaders of our nation.


Legal Requirements

All our properties are licensed by the city of Waterloo. We do have caring and knowledgeable staff that provide maintenance and other solutions in most cases within 24 hours of the matter being reported.


Mission Statement

Treat people like people and in most cases they will respond likewise Keep it simple and friendly.